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The Art of Touch practice cards are a unique, trauma-informed deck of somatic (body-based) practices. These 5-minute meditations help you connect to the sensations in your body - keeping you here and now while regulating your nervous system.
Plus - specific yoga and Taoist Tantra exercises for men and women, and two sets for couples to explore together.


The Art of Touch cards contain 5 sets plus a 40 page booklet:


  • Into Sensation
  • Awaken Yin
  • Awaken Yang
  • Easy Tantra for Couples
  • Deep Safety: Partner Touch-work


Created by Dr. Kali Foster (Chinese Medicine)


Kali has spent the last 25 years exploring yoga, Tantra, qigong, massage, Acupuncture, trauma therapy and healing touch. She offers this work as a fun and effective tool for your embodiment and awakening.


5% of profits are donated to the

Art to Healing charity, which supports the rehabilitation of women and children sold into sex slavery. For more info visit:

Art of Touch Cards Deck

SKU: 0001
  • You are purchasing a fabulous deck of practice cards...

    Enclosed are 52 cards (45 practices) in 5 sets plus a 40 page trauma-informed practice booklet.

    Check out the 3 Minds Meditation - available free at

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