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Art of Touch cards

Embodiment, Connection & Awakening

Art of Touch cards Kallista Mind Body Medicine
Art of Touch cards Kallista Mind Body Medicine

"The Art of touch cards are a beautiful resource...

an easy, guided practice"

The Art of Touch practice cards...

  • are a trauma informed, simple & effective tool to center and ground yourself, reduce stress, tune into pleasure and nourish your body & mind.

  • offer simple, body-based meditations, as well as a structured, sensual & fun guide to connection: a ‘date night’ for couples.


  • guide you through a profound healing practice to share with a friend or partner, using co-regulation.


  • include solo exercises to help you connect with your body, access the vagus nerve and regulate your nervous system, with specific practices for men and women, or non-binary folk.

"Somatic Therapy in a box!"

Art of Touch cards Kallista Mind Body Medicine

The Art of Touch cards contain 5 sets in 1 box

  • Into Sensation - Embodiment, centering, and nervous system regulation - 5 min practices for individuals

  • Awaken Yin - Mostly flowing, feminine embodiment practices

  • Awaken Yang - More grounded, masculine embodiment practices

  • Easy Tantra for Couples - 10 fun & simple exercises for you and your lover - to help you connect, awaken sensuality and deepen the love.

  • Deep Safety: Partner Touch-work - This is a profound healing practice to offer your friend or partner (take turns so you both get to give and receive). The essence is in becoming absolutely present and learning to feel the subtle energies of when we come into coherence (presence, safety, deep relaxation) with another person. Then we begin to co-regulate, benefiting both the giver and receiver.       

  • Plus a 40 page booklet, which is easy to read and apply. The booklet discusses Somatics, Tantra, the importance of the Heart, and how to become trauma informed. It goes into detail on how to do the partner touch-work practice.                              

Art of touch cards awaken yang kallista mind body medicine



art of touch cards easy tantra for couples kallista mind body medicine

Easy Tantra

for Couples

art of touch cards deep safety partner touch work kallista mind body medicine

Deep Safety Partner Touchwork

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