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About the Art of Touch cards

How to use the cards


On your own


You can use the first three sets for solo practice. Many people like to do a daily practice, usually in the morning, or anytime you can find a little peace and quiet. The body-oriented meditations or Qigong-like exercises are quick and effective at helping you centre, ground, and regulate your nervous system.

With a partner


I recommend you do a few of the solo exercises first (drawing from the first 3 sets). You can do most of these together if you choose. Then you can decide whether to go for connection and fun - Easy Tantra for Couples, or a healing session - Deep Safety Partner Touch-work.

A healing session with a friend

Do some solo practices together, drawing from the first 3 sets. Then take turns doing a 1 hour healing session each, using the Deep Safety: Partner Touch-work cards.

How to use Art of Touch cards Kallista Mind Body Medicine
Art of Touch Cards The Story Kallista Mind Body Medicine
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The Story...

I created the Art of Touch cards in 2022, as a resource for my clients and students, and the greater awakening population.

Healing from trauma and becoming embodied has been the biggest challenge of my life. My greatest achievement has been rewiring my nervous system from feeling dissociated, unsafe and chronically guarded, to feeling more present, alive and relaxed in my body. I also rewired my sexuality from frozen (anyone remember being called frigid?) to fully embodied and multi-orgasmic!

Relationship, for me, has been a fertile ground for growth. It has inspired me to get better at communication, boundaries, and heal my own stuff, so that I can be more available to giving and receiving love.

A deep experience of SAFETY in the body is the key, but that's easier said than done... It is my hope that the cards be a guide for you, on your journey home to your body, its innate intelligence, and your natural state of being.​

The Art Deco theme speaks to me of classy style, bohemian adventurous spirit, decadence (when it comes to self-love), celebration and playfulness, yet within boundaries.

These cards are trauma-informed, thereby gentle, accessible and safe for most people to try and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy using these cards as much as I do!

- Kali Foster

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