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About our Services

Acupuncture & TCM

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has been used for over 2000 years.

TCM is an effective natural medicine for many health complaints, especially for musculo-skeletal pain, and chronic health issues. Our treatments are really thorough... they usually include a consultation, some massage or cupping, acupuncture (or needle-free laser), infra-red heat therapy, and often cranio-sacral or touch-work. This helps our clients access a deep (parasympathetic) relaxation & healing state.

Chinese herbal medicine or supplements may be prescribed, and often important diet & lifestyle advice offered. We want to work with you to achieve your healing goals.

Kali and Ayla are both experienced acupuncturists & shiatsu therapists and have each been treating patients for over 20 years. Kali opened the clinic in 2006, and soon went part-time to raise children. Ayla came on board at Easter 2007, just in time... They have been working together ever since.

Acupuncture and TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine
Freedom from Somatic therapy
Kali Foster Empress Yoga

Somatic Experiencing®
Trauma Therapy with Kali

Are you ready to trust your body and feel safe again?

Have you done plenty of talk therapy but you feel like you can't just think your way through it?

Maybe you are easily triggered into anxiety or hypervigilence, and the problem is not in your head?

Our bodies still hold what was too much (overwhelming) at the time of a traumatic incident. In Somatic Experiencing® (SE) therapy, the body is encouraged to lead the session, with a lot of focus on resourcing, developing resilience and capacity.


Learn to regulate your nervous system with this gentle, non-cathartic approach.

SE® helps with stress, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, PTSD, and any unresolved emotional and physical trauma.

Available from the clinic, or online via Zoom, these 60 or 90 min sessions look and feel a bit like counseling... The difference is the huge focus on body mindfulness, tracking and exploring sensations through the body. In person sessions often include bodywork or nervous system regulating Touch.

Kali explains the neuro-physiology (Polyvagal theory) and helps you understand what's happening in each moment. She teaches simple practices to anchor you in the present and begin to feel calm in your body. The Art of Touch cards are a fantastic resource for home practice, which is important for rewiring the nervous system through repetition.

Internal Family Systems® (IFS) approach

Kali incorporates some IFS "parts work" into the SE sessions where needed. The idea behind this therapy is that we have many parts, or sub-personalities within us. These include protector parts eg. an inner critic, a manager or a fighter; and exiles that have been suppressed eg. a wounded child, a playful part, a sensual goddess, etc. Then we have "self energy" - the part of us that can witness and observe.

The benefit of this approach is that we can truly listen without judgement to how parts of us think and feel. Some parts we may dislike (such as our inner critic) and even find them crippling to our self esteem. Some parts are locked into protective patterns causing physical tension, even pain. But if we take the time to listen to them we often discover they emerged during childhood as a way to help us navigate our family, the schoolyard or another challenging time. We can bring these old programs into the NOW, loosening their grip on us, becoming more helpful, and freeing up our energy.

IFS is a relational model that brings so much repair to one's inner life. It is considered to be one of the best approaches to healing emotional trauma.

HeartMath® - Heart focused


Kali is a certified HeartMath practitioner. HeartMath meditation is a heart-focused breathing meditation that can help you quickly change from feeling stressed to feeling calm. Science-based and used worldwide, HeartMath meditation uses breathing techniques to bring about coherence — the alignment of your physical, mental and emotional systems to work in sync.

Feminine Embodiment for women

Kali is also a women's Tantra yoga teacher. She teaches 'Empress Yoga & Dance' locally in Melbourne's Dandenong Ranges. She holds a space for deep feminine embodiment (in person & online) and teaches the art of releasing anger, creating strong boundaries, and developing pleasure pathways in the body. Kali assists women preparing for pregnancy and for birth, healing sexual trauma and embodying the feminine on their own and in their relationships.

Counseling with Ayla

Ayla is passionate about supporting her clients to bring healing into their lives on a physical,emotional and spiritual level.

She sees a deep connection between our thoughts, feelings and beliefs and the health and vitality we can access in our minds and bodies.

Her counseling sessions aim to support you in establishing a deep connection and awareness of  the presenting dynamic and assist in finding the clarity, wisdom and confidence to move forward.

Sessions are available as stand alone counseling sessions in either Kallista or Berwick or can be combined with Acupuncture to support  the integration and alignment into the body and energy systems.

Ayla counseler Kallista Mind Body Medicine
Womens health Kallista Mind Body Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine has many advantages when it comes to women's health. We understand the connections between kidney qi, liver function, gut and hormones... drawing from ancient TCM perspectives, combined with modern science and Naturopathic research.

We stock a great range of supplements and herbal remedies for period problems, PMS, low fertility, and menopause. We work with you to find the best approach and help with any other complaints at the same time.

Women's Health

TRE® Trauma Releasing Exercises

TRE is a simple yet powerful technique involving basic exercises to fatigue the leg muscles and core, initiating an involuntary, ‘neurogenic’ tremor. This tremor builds apon itself and releases tension throughout the body. Benefits include: deeper relaxation, help with sleep, relief of physical tension and pain, and improvement in digestive function (if stress related).

Usually a session will fatigue certain muscle groups, but be overall very relaxing. Occasionally the practice will bring up emotions, and we just witness them, stopping if we become too overwhelmed. The key is to stay present in the body, in the here and now. It is also a practice to develop self-regulation (feeling safe in our body, and listening to our body’s signals).

Kali Foster has taught TRE since 2012, and first checks your nervous system capacity (via a simple somatic exercise) to see if this powerful tremor practice will be right for you at this time. Kali usually recommends 3 sessions, spaced out over 3-4 weeks. You can do the practice at home, and come back to check in, tremor under supervision, ask any questions that arise, etc.

Once you've learned TRE, it's a tool you have forever!

* This video shows Kali and her students demonstrating TRE, with a short description. It's only 25 seconds long!

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