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Treatment Services

If making a booking for the first time, we suggest you book an Initial Consultation so we can discuss together what treatment or theapies would be best for you. Or if you know you want counseling, somatic therapy or TRE, please choose this service when booking.

You can also discuss this with us by calling the clinic or your preferred therapist directly.

Consultation Fees

Initial Consultation - 90mins - $140 ($120 conc.)

Standard Consult - 60mins - $105 ($90 conc.)

Short Acupuncture only (repeat visits) - 30mins - $70 ($60 conc)

SE® Trauma Therapy (or TRE) with Kali - 90mins - $140 ($120 conc.)


SE® Trauma Therapy (in person or online)- 60 mins - $120 ($110 con)

Spinal Energetics - 60 mins (may include shiatsu/acu) - $120 ($105)

Counseling with Ayla- 60mins - $140 ($120 conc.)

* Most consultations include bodywork (shiatsu, cupping, or healing touch) and acupuncture. We may recommend supplements or herbal medicine. 

* You can discuss with your therapist what you would like / need at your consultation.

* NDIS services are under Other - Somatic Therapy (code: 15_056_0128_1_3).

Sessions are effective for recovering from trauma, developing emotional resilience & nervous system regulation.


3 session package - save 10%

Book and pay upfront to get 10% off immediately

For any health concern, this includes TCM/acupuncture or other therapy.

Co-create a wellness plan including treatments, diet & lifestyle & effective tools to use at home. Herbs or supplements may be recommended, as additional.

For example an initial TCM consult $140 plus 2 standard consults $105 each is total: $350, Pay $315 upfront, save $35.

TRE Package $270 / $250 conc.

This involves 3x training & supervision sessions in TRE® (Trauma Release Exercises), usually required to achieve the level of experience and understanding needed to continue on at home. Kali spends 90 mins on the first visit to explain the neuroscience behind trauma and TRE®, and personalize the information for you, it will also include some basic Somatic Experiencing® body mindfulness techniques.
Cost $140 on day one, then only $60 per subsequent 50min session = $290 total (save $90)

SE® Trauma Therapy Package - 3 x 90min sessions only $360 (save $60)

After doing an initial session, you should get a taste of working with Kali, and if we are a good fit together.

A minimum of 3-6 further sessions are recommended, weekly or fortnightly. These can be in person or online.

Commit and book 3 sessions, and pay upfront to receive the discount package. 

NEW: Spinal Energetics - 3x 60min sessions $320 (save $40)

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