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About us - Therapists

Kali and Ayla have been working from Kallista Mind-Body Medicine (formally Kallista Chinese Medicine), since 2006. We love the hills community, having lived in the area most of our lives.

Chinese Medicine
Chinese Medicine
* Some NDIS plans will cover Somatic Therapy.

Dr. Kali Foster (TCM, SEP)

Kali is the founder of Kallista Mind-Body Medicine.

She is an intuitive healer with a practical focus, helping you understand and address the root of your health concerns. She is a registered Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist and an experienced Somatic (Body-oriented) Trauma Therapist. 25 years of embodiment training and inner work have given her a deep understanding of how the mind & body work together, via the nervous system, often manifesting in the symptoms clients present with.

Kali has a special interest in stress, anxiety & nervous system disorders, emotional trauma, chronic pain, women’s health & pregnancy care, as well as general practice TCM.

Kali provides TCM/ Acupuncture, incl. consult and bodywork (shiatsu and cupping, or Spinal Energetics, if appropriate.

She also offers Somatic Trauma therapy, online or in-person which may also include bodywork, especially Trauma-informed touch for nervous system regulation.

Kali is available on Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays. Mob: 0407 564 836.


* Registered Acupuncturist & Chinese herbalist (Adv. Dip TCM)

* Shiatsu therapist (Dip. Shiatsu)

* SEP (Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner)

* TRE® (Trauma Release Exercises) Level 2 provider

* Spinal Energetics Level 1 practitioner

* Tigress Yoga® (Feminine Embodiment) Instructor & workshop facilitator

* Hatha yoga teacher (200hr)

* Heart Math® - Trauma Sensitive Practitioner certificate

* IFS (Internal Family Systems)- Integrative Somatic Parts work 1 & 2

* Reiki Level 2 practitioner

Ayla Broy (TCM, RN)

Ayla has been practicing in the field of medicine for many years. Initially training as a registered nurse, Ayla desired to further her understanding of holistic health, and to use that knowledge to assist others. This led to her completing studies in Shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Passionate about supporting others to create health and vitality in their lives, Ayla uses a combination of acupuncture, herbs, cupping and shiatsu. She also offers Cranio-sacral therapy (often combined with acupuncture) and counseling as a stand alone therapy.

Ayla is warm, friendly, non-judgemental, and very experienced. She runs a busy practice 3 days a week, and is very popular with our clients at Kallista Chinese Medicine.

Ayla is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturday mornings. Ayla can be contacted on 0410 346 763.

Chinese Medicine

Jacqueline Glen

Chinese Medicine

Jacqueline is a passionate and intuitive healer who has been engaged in energy healing for over 20 years. As a registered Reiki Master Energy Healer and Massage Therapist, she guides her clients to emotional and spiritual clarity and a sense of balance and direction in their lives.


Energy healing and massage with Jacqueline ensures stress relief and deep physical relaxation in a safe, respectful and supportive space.


Treatments available:

  • 1 hour Reiki energy healing (includes Intuitive messages)

  • 1.5 hour Reiki energy healing (includes Intuitive messages and Oracle reading)

  • 1 hour Hawaiian Heart-works Lomi Lomi massage

  • 1.5 hour Hawaiian Heart-works Lomi Lomi massage



  • Reiki Master/Teacher

  • Hawaiian Hearts Lomi Lomi and Relaxation Massage Therapist

  • Indian Head Massage Therapist

  • Holistic Counselling Practitioner (Diploma of Holistic Counselling)

  • Master Teacher Magnified Healing ®

  • Meditation Teacher

  • Red Tent Facilitator

  • Certificate of Spiritual Awareness

  • Master Shamballa Healer   Ph: 0404 093 256

* Monthly or bi-monthly sessions are recommended to keep energy systems aligned, vital and resilient.

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